Action 415 – Go Where The Night Takes Me.

By the time I got home from work and running errands yesterday afternoon, I was in a terrible mood. I sorted it out fairly quickly, mostly by realizing that what was bothering me didn’t really merit all that attention or drama.

I said yes to a friend’s invite and went to our local Irish Pub for a sip of my favorite adult beverage, Magners Cider. The plan was to stop in for a pint or two, unwind, and head back home at a decent hour. Turns out, it didn’t quite play out like that.

Action 415 – Go Where The Night Takes Me.

We walked to the pub, so we had time to talk out the “grumpies” that we were both feeling. And by unspoken agreement, we decided to leave all that mess out on the street and not bring it in with us.

I knew the night was going to be great when we heard live Irish music playing as we walked into the pub. I was instantly in a better mood.

Next good bit of luck? Finding seating at the very end of the bar where we could hear ourselves talk while still enjoying the music.

And the last bit of good fortune? Being joined at the bar by two fun and interesting people. The conversation was easy, the mood light, and the evening out and out fantastic.

Early on, I decided to just enjoy the evening. And I really, really did. I had a delicious dinner with my husband, a great visit with my friend, and a fun evening with some new folks. Sometimes, nights without plans turn out to be the best evenings.

What is the lesson here? Not everything has to be controlled and regimented, RSVP’d and coordinated. Sometimes, the night will take me where I need to go. And that’s a good thing.


Action 414 – Get Called Up To The Show.

Back in March, I talked about the Capital to Coast Relay and how I was going to sit out the run. We had an extra runner, so I opted out. But things change… quickly. Two of our runners are now unable to make the event. (It’s for a great reason – family wedding – so no tears or concern for them.) That means I’m stepping up to the big time.

Action 414 – Get Called Up To The Show.

I’m going to run. And after 233 miles of running through the beautiful Texas countryside, I’ll be with the team as we cross the finish line.

I’m very excited to be one of the runners. But it’s more than that. I’m also proud of myself for improving my fitness enough that I can say “yes” to something like this and not worry if I am capable of doing it.

It’s a great feeling, knowing that I can count on my body. Turns out, all this training is paying off.


Action 413 – Enjoy A No Frills Meal.

I’m happy that, these days, I’m doing a pretty good job of managing my diet. Breakfasts, lunches and snacks are all planned out and I avoid eating crap during the day.

But dinner. Oh, dinner. I’ll be honest, it’s a damn hassle. I don’t want to eat anything frozen, since I usually have a pre-made meal for lunch. And I don’t want to fall back on fast food, because the ease and convenience are nowhere near enough to justify taking in all those empty calories.

So what to do for dinner? It’s always a balancing act, finding something that is healthy, good tasting, and not a major production to make.

Action 413 – Enjoy A No Frills Meal.

Last night, my husband managed the perfect simple meal. I had a ribeye steak (single portion, not Ric’s usual over-sized Brontosaurus Steak!) and a simple salad.

Sometimes, no frills is just the ticket.

Action 412 – Decide It’s Worth It.

I have no one to blame but myself, I know, but I have really backed up the running events. I’m doing back to back half marathons, then a full marathon, and then another half… all before the end of the month. And since they are “away games,” they require extra logistics. I need to sort out when I’m leaving, where I’m staying, find out exactly what I need to do for parking and shuttles, etc.

It’s just a lot of planning, long before I even get around to planning out my race strategy. It feels like work, and it’s nothing I ever thought about before I started running like this.

Action 412 – Decide It’s Worth It.

The planning. The early mornings. The long drives. The crowds of people trying to get into and out of events. All of it. It’s all part of the experience. And it all leads up to a long run through crowded streets with cheering supporters, and it ends with a medal around my neck and a great feeling of accomplishment.

I grumble about it, yes. But it’s worth it.


Action 411 – Work Through First World Problems.

Not sure what’s going on with me, but I’ve been in a foul mood most of the day. There’s no real reason. There really isn’t anything all that bad going on. It’s more like a series of small but annoying things.

I had to go to Costco on the way home, and I really hate that place. Dozens of stupid people hovering like vultures over the free samples, already small aisles crowded with more displays of crap, and employees that return any question with a dazed, half-stoned look of confusion. And that was just part of my day.

I struggled to fit all the groceries into the borrowed car I was driving (mine was loaned out to a friend… long story). I had to make a stop out of my way to drop off someone else’s stuff for them. I had to drag all that crap back out of the car and carry it all into the house. I had to make room in the too-small kitchen to put it away. I came home to find my laundry had been pulled out of the dryer and left in a pile on top. And on and on…

Action 411 – Work Through First World Problems.

Yep. I know. I’m so far away from any actual problems that I’m being an idiot. The food, for example. I’m bitching about a cart overflowing like this one.

While all over the world, “food problems” looks more like this.

The stop out of my way? I had to drop off some things that a former employee had left behind. Her temp job ended and she is now looking for work. Think she would trade her problems for mine?

And my laundry? My problem is finding room in my closet and drawers to put everything away, while not a mile from my front door, homeless veterans have everything they own in a rucksack on the ground next to them.

My lesson in this action is to remember that most people in this great big world would consider themselves blessed to have problems like mine. And I’m going to be in a crappy mood because my day’s one minor inconvenience after another? No, I can’t be that guy. I won’t be the man who acts like my first world “problems” are big enough to bother me.