Action 435 – Look Ahead, Look Behind.

I could never run a _____ (fill in the blank).

If you’re a new runner, or you at least remember being a new runner, you have likely said those words above. I know I have. When I first got up off the couch and started exercising, I felt like I would never be able to run a mile. Then it was a mile in ten minutes. Then it was a 5k and a 10k. Then a half marathon and a marathon.¬†And yet, I have done each of those things.

Tomorrow morning I will run my eleventh half marathon. Two weeks later, I will run my second full marathon. And a week after that, my twelfth half marathon. Each of these milestones is still a happy surprise to me, a celebration of where my journey has taken me and more evidence that I was terribly wrong before. But what’s next?

Action 435 – Look Ahead, Look Behind. I have recently been introduced to a group of ultra-runners. They do 50Ks, back-to-back marathons, fifty milers, 100 milers and even more. And when I think about what they are doing, I find myself saying very familiar words.

I could never run a _____ (fill in the blank).

Sure, the numbers are way higher, but it’s the same thing. Looking ahead, I am stunned by the distances and sure that they are way beyond my ability. But looking back, I realize that it is no different than before. I need to identify what I want, determine the best way to train for it, and then make it happen.

Honestly, it’s that simple. And while I can’t say for sure that I will ever run those longer distances, I know one thing for certain. If I don’t run them, it will be because I chose not to. It will not be because I was afraid of the distance, the training, or the effort. I can do whatever I am willing to work for.

Besides, these double medals are pretty darn sweet, right?

I got these for running back-to-back half marathons over New Year’s Weekend. Perhaps soon, I’ll be doing back-to-back full marathons.


Action 434 – Gather My Favorite Things.

It’s that time again.

Action 434 – Gather My Favorite Things.

I am heading up to Orange County in a few hours, and that means I need to have all of my running gear staged and ready to go.

I have my running shirt, shorts and socks, my sneaks, my warm-up sweatpants and my USMC sweatshirt. I have my RoadID, Garmin, Halo headband and my warm cap. I have a couple of GU packets for the run, a snack for the ride up, and my iPhone holder.

I just need to grab my Shuffle and headphones, my bib and belt, cash and my ID and I am all set to go.

Come on, Race Day!

Action 433 – Celebrate Life.

It’s amazing what a difference a year can make. This time last year, I was reeling from the news that a good friend had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. A couple of months later, my friend had passed. As expected, his husband was hit hard by the loss. He really struggled to find his way in a life now completely changed.

Today is the husband’s birthday, and we spent the evening enjoying a wonderful dinner with him and a couple of other friends. We had a good time and the energy was positive.

Action 433 – Celebrate Life. Yes, our other friend is no longer with us and his husband still misses him terribly. But tonight was a celebration of the friend still here, still alive, still making his way through this life.

Happy Birthday to my friend and may he know the magic of many more years to come. Tonight was a celebration of his life and all of the wonderful things he will still do with it. And a tip of the hat for his new motorcycle and all the fun he’ll have on that, too!

(Photo courtesy of

Action 432 – Find It Or Make It.

Tomorrow is the OC Half Marathon, and afterwards, I’ll be joining the newly forming Team Jesters and cheering in all the runners that come in after I finish. There’s a marathon and a half marathon, so there will be plenty of runners still making their way across.

Of course, I have to be dressed appropriately. And I would hardly be Team Jester without a Jester’s hat, right?

Action 432 – Find It Or Make It.

Unfortunately, there was no finding it today. I checked the obvious places, but even Party City boxed all their jester hats away with their Mardi Gras supplies. The good news is, I have a crafty husband. And he decided he could make a better looking hat, anyway.

Here’s the start of it:

I can’t wait!

Action 431 – Tell My Story.

After more than four hundred blog entries into this project, it should be apparent that I don’t consider myself a shy person. I don’t really hide much of myself anymore. I am who I am and I’m proud of that. So when a chance comes to talk about myself, yep, I’m all over it!

Action 431 – Tell My Story.

I’ve already mentioned that I am taking part in a documentary called, From Fat to Finish Line. I needed to write up “my story” for the film’s Facebook Page, but I’ve been putting it off. Turns out, I also need to get it written if I want to be featured on a teammate’s super-popular blog, RunsForCookies, where she is introducing the runners to her readers.

That’s two great reasons to get my act together, and this morning I did. I wrote My Story and got it published on my new blog,