Action 500 – Get Ready To Run The Marathon.

After one hundred days, it all comes down to this moment.

Action 500 – Get Ready To Run The Marathon.

As I type this, I’m sitting in my car at the Pasadena City College (in VIP Parking!). In just over one hour, I’ll step across the start line and begin the marathon. I’m excited, nervous, and a little bit anxious.


This has been an amazing journey already. I’ll blog about it more after the race, because I really want to capture this experience. All of these actions have had a big impact on me, and I want to use all of this as I go forward to my next challenge.

For now, though, my eyes are on 26.2 miles of the beautiful city of Pasadena.

It’s run time!

Action 496 – Make Good Fuel Choices.

You would think that after nearly two years of this fitness journey and one hundred days of this specific project, my eating habits would be absolutely solid. You would think wrong.

Just this morning… literally, this morning… I found myself standing in a 7-11, pouring coffee, and eyeballing a pack of mini-donuts. I was thinking, “well, I’m running a marathon on Sunday, so I’ll totally burn those calories off.”

And then the light bulb flashed in my head.

“Here’s an idea, John. How about you DON’T eat those donuts and burn off calories you’re already carrying, instead?”

Action 496 – Make Good Fuel Choices.

It really is that simple. Garbage in, garbage out. If I want to run strong and feel good, I need to put good stuff into my system. It’s a basic truth that, apparently, I need to learn over and over again.

I went with this, instead. Is it the very best breakfast I could have? No, and I won’t let myself get that obsessed with it. But it definitely isn’t crap like mini-donuts or some sort of sausage tan food monstrosity off the rollers at the convenience store.

Good choices make good results. So I will make good choices.

Action 490 – Make My Own Dinner.

Nearly 500 actions into this project, and this may be the single most shocking thing I have done to date. But it’s true.

Action 490 – Make My Own Dinner.

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, tonight, I had to make my own dinner. My husband was at work since early, early this morning, so he fell asleep as soon as he got home. I didn’t want to wake him up, so it was up to me to find something to eat.

Back in the day, this would be easy. I would hop in the car and drive to Taco Bell. No problemo. But I am running 26.2 miles in a few days and fast food isn’t going to help.

Instead, I whipped up a little pasta and meat dish. Nothing too fancy, certainly  nothing difficult, but it was just right for me.

It was touch-and-go there for a while, but I survived the night.

Action 487 – Find Something “Special.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a snacker. And sometimes, the snack I want is salty and crunchy. But eating a big bag of potato chips is never a good idea.

Action 487 – Find Something “Special.”

I don’t know how long these have been on the market, but I am just now discovering the Special K Cracker Chips. For 110 calories, I get about 30 chips. I went with the Sea Salt flavor, and they were worth every single calorie. I’m definitely adding these to my list of go-to snacks.

And a note of caution to myself: Yes, they come in packages larger than the single-serving, 100 calorie bag. No, we will not be buying those larger packs. Because we will eat the entire big bag in a single setting.

Oh, yes. I know my weaknesses, and a bag of salty chip/crackers is among them. I’ll only buy the sizes I intend to eat completely. Experience tells me anything larger is a mistake.

And tomorrow, I may try the Cheddar Cheese variety. Bring on the chips!

Action 479 – Drink My Last Diet Soda.

Oh, this one is not cool. I drink a lot of water each day already, but I am making the full shift after tonight. For the rest of the week, until the marathon, I will not be indulging in my once-or-twice-daily treat.

Action 479 РDrink My Last Diet Soda. And tonight, I will.

I spent some time researching the effects of diet soda on the body, specifically the effect on running performance. What I found was a lot of “it’s just bad” opinions and very little documentation. So I don’t know that there is any real science to support the idea that diet sodas negatively affect runners.

But I do know that water is more refreshing in large quantities, and that’s my big priority this week. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

So, for now, it’s goodbye, Coke Zero. I’ll miss ya!

Action 474 – Enjoy Texas Style BBQ.

It’s Texas, and that means at least one night of dinner from a family favorite, Rudy’s.

Action 474 – Enjoy Texas Style BBQ.

Tonight was a delicious dinner of brisket, ribs and chicken. And since a bbq meal isn’t complete without side dishes, I also enjoyed cream corn and potato salad. I ate too much, but it was definitely a treat for me.

Oh, yeah. I’m happy to be heading home tomorrow. It’s been a great time with family, but I really am looking forward to getting back into my own routine.

Action 473 – Drink More Water.

It’s always a good idea for me to stay hydrated, but this weekend has my thirst cranked up a few notches.

Action 473 – Drink More Water.

It’s Texas, and the warm weather and humidity are taking a toll on me. I’ve also been eating more chips and other salty foods, and that makes me thirsty. And of course, drinking more alcohol than usual has me dehydrated.

So, the solution is to drink more water. Since I’ve been here, I feel like I have had a glass of water in my hand constantly. Hey, if I’m going to be indulge, I need to at least do something good for myself, right?