Action 500 – Get Ready To Run The Marathon.

After one hundred days, it all comes down to this moment.

Action 500 – Get Ready To Run The Marathon.

As I type this, I’m sitting in my car at the Pasadena City College (in VIP Parking!). In just over one hour, I’ll step across the start line and begin the marathon. I’m excited, nervous, and a little bit anxious.


This has been an amazing journey already. I’ll blog about it more after the race, because I really want to capture this experience. All of these actions have had a big impact on me, and I want to use all of this as I go forward to my next challenge.

For now, though, my eyes are on 26.2 miles of the beautiful city of Pasadena.

It’s run time!

Action 492 – Run Lighter.

There is definitely something to the idea of making a plan and sticking with it.

I’ve dropped thirteen pounds since I started ProjectOneFive. That’s going to make the marathon that much easier for me to run. (Well, not sure a marathon is ever easy. Maybe less difficult is the better description.)

Action 492 – Run Lighter. And I will. Because 185 is lighter than 198!

I love it when I see that my efforts translate into results.

Action 491 – Rev It Up!

This morning was my last scheduled run before Sunday’s marathon. I wanted to run at least six miles, but I wasn’t sure how much farther than that I would go.

Action 491 – Rev It Up!

I decided to start at 6.0 and work up every mile. The first mile felt awkward, sort of uncomfortable, like I was running on a new pair of legs. For a moment, I thought, “I should bail on this run today and save my energy for Sunday.” And then I thought, “shut up and run.” And that was that.

At mile 1, I kicked up the speed to 6.1. And I continued that way until I got to mile 5. I decided then that I would kick up the speed at quarter-mile intervals.

  • 6.5 mph until mile 5.25
  • 6.6 mph until mile 5.50
  • 6.7 mph until mile 5.75
  • 6.8 mph until mile 6.00

Then I kicked it up to 8 mph and ran like a crazy man until I hit mile 6.34 at 60 minutes.

It felt good. And once I stopped over-thinking everything in the first mile, the rest of the run was comfortable and almost effortless. And yes, I was a complete sweat monster by the end of the hour, but I still managed to look good.

My confidence is high. My training will be enough. I AM ready for this marathon on Sunday.

Action 484 – Handle The Unexpected.

Just when I thought I had prepared for everything marathon-related, along comes something so completely out of the blue that it caught me by complete surprise.

Mosquito bites. Lots of them. All over my feet and my ankles. Apparently, while I was sitting at my Aunt’s house late Sunday evening, I became the buffet for every mosquito in the neighborhood. I knew I had been bitten by a few of them, but it wasn’t until today that I realized how bad it was. The sweat and the scratching from my socks irritated all the bites, so by the end of my six miles, I felt like my toes and my feet were on fire.

Action 484 – Handle The Unexpected.

I completed my run, and that was good. Tomorrow is a rest day, so no problem there. And I’m hoping that by Thursday, the welts will have gone down and the bites won’t be so red and itchy.

Sheesh, who saw this coming? I have a marathon to run on Sunday, and I’ll inhale a bottle of Benadryl before I let something this petty stop me.

Bring it, bugs!

Action 483 – Run Six And Only Six.

With the marathon only a few days away, every choice I make right now is important. If I don’t do enough, I could be running the event cold. If I do too much, I could run the event tired or even injured. So a balancing act is required here.

Action 483 – Run Six And Only Six.

And I did. It was an easy six miles at a ten minute pace. I felt good, strong, and crazy tempted to crank up the speed a bit. But I stuck to the plan and ran my six miles in an hour.

Seems weird that I had to talk myself OUT of running faster. What kind of upside-down world have I created?

Action 481 – Elevate.

With less than a week to go before the Pasadena Marathon, I finally took the time to go to the website and review the course.

Action 481 – Elevate.

Oh, Pasadena. You tricked me. I thought you were a nice, flat course, but no. Check out the elevation profile.

The bad news? There are some significant hills here. The good news? There are some great downhill stretches, too. And I love me some downhill. The best part? The last few miles are more or less all downhill. That works for me.

What does this mean for my run? At the end of the day, nothing, really. Whether the course is flat or hilly doesn’t change anything. I’m still going out there with the intention of running steady and true. It’s nice to know what to expect from the course, but my plan of attack on race day doesn’t change.

Come on, Pasadena. Elevate me!

Action 478 – Stay Up Late… Again.

I know, I know. So much for being perfect this week. I know I should be getting a full night’s sleep, but I really have had to balance my need for sleep with my need to spend time with my husband after being apart all weekend.

Action 478 – Stay Up Late… Again.

Tomorrow I’ll go to bed early, but tonight my husband is working until 11pm. If I want to see him at all, I need to stay up. I’ll pack my workout bag and have everything ready for my 5am trip to the gym. And I will try to be asleep my midnight. But tonight, I need time with the husband more than I need to sleep.

Meh, it’s a balancing act.

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