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One of the best things about SparkPeople is the amazing community. When I first became active at the site, I found that blogging helped me sort through the thoughts (and pressures and fears) that were running through my head. In return, the community offered me support and encouragement through blog comments.

If enough members “like” your blog, it may show up as a “Popular Blog” and receive exposure on the site’s main blog pages. I have been fortunate enough that several of my blogs have been voted up to that page, and I share them here for two reasons. One, because I think they capture the spirit of the site. Two, because I consider them highlights of my own journey… so far!

  1. Seriously, What Is With The Attitude?
  2. Things I Wish Someone Had Said To Me
  3. Starting Over? No, You’re Not.
  4. Who’s Done “Weighting”? This Guy.
  5. Safari Park Half Marathon Report
  6. “No One Is Reading My SparkPeople Blogs!”
  7. Knock It Off, Spark Buddies. I Mean It!
  8. Losses and Gains
  9. Tough Mudder Recap – SDJ’s Insane Adventure
  10. Make Your Life An Adventure
  11. Stop Apologizing, Spark Peeps.
  12. “Everything Is Terrible. I Feel So Defeated.”
  13. Running The Marine Corps Marathon, Part II

If any of these blogs resonate with you, check out SparkPeople. It may be the spark for you, too.

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