Why The Categories?

“I noticed that you are tagging things in different categories, but I’m not sure what some of them have to do with running a marathon. Would you explain?”

When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in October, 2011, I was coming off of six months of physical training. I thought I knew what it would take to run a marathon, and I was able to successfully complete it. But having run one already, I consider myself much wiser this time around.

Yes, a marathon is a physically demanding task. But I want to do more than just run 26.2 miles. I want to complete the marathon knowing that I have come to run as prepared as I possibly can. I want to know that I have not only trained my body to endure the time and miles, but I have also prepared my mind and my heart and my soul.

I know. It sounds like New Age bullshit, right? I get that. But it’s only because I’m having trouble explaining it. I’ll try again and this time, I’ll cut right to the heart of it.

Losing weight is easy compared to dealing with all the shit that goes on inside my head. There aren’t enough bellhops in the world to carry all the emotional baggage I’ve dragged around most of my life. And why? It has done nothing but hurt me time and again, bringing me pain from the past when I would have been far better off making my peace with it and leaving it behind me.

I am spending one hundred days sorting out my life. I’m working on my fitness (Physical), my eating habits (Nutritional), my thought processes (Mental), my loves and heartbreaks (Emotional), and my complete lack of understanding of my own religious beliefs (Spiritual).

It is my hope that by the time these one hundred days have gone by, and I am out on the streets of Pasadena running my marathon, that I am doing unencumbered by the wreckage of my past. I am hopeful that the process will make me a better person, more comfortable in my own skin and more in control of my life and my actions.

That is why I am working on more than my training and my eating.



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